Paiste Pond Recreation Center

Snowy Court

Located off Oak Hill Drive, the Paiste Pond Activity Center offer an abundance of year-round indoor and outdoor activities. Year-round personal wellness and fitness activities occur at our state-of-the-art fitness center. During the summer months, Senior Camp utilizes the game and leisure room, while during winter, the center is open for family-friendly events.

Outside, sports-minded folks can continue to enjoy Platform Tennis (aka. Paddle Tennis) and pickleball at the Platform Courts. Families can enjoy picnics at the pond and the annual fall fishing derby is a favored family tradition. In the winter months, the man-made rink offers ice-skating and ice hockey, while the nearby fields and hills become grounds for snowshoeing, winter nature hikes, snowman-building, and Swarthmore hill is perfect for sledding.

Platform Racquet Sports

Easy to learn and a lot of fun, platform sports are enjoyed by many in Buck Hill throughout the year. The Platform Racquet Sports Facility has two lighted courts for Platform (aka “Paddle”) Tennis and Pickleball. Players can sign up at the facility in advance to reserve court time.

Caged Courts

Fitness Center

The center also hosts a brand-new fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment from step machines and treadmills to yoga balls and free weights.

Basketball Court

The multi-use, full-sized court is used throughout the year for basketball, in-line skating, and hockey.

Outside of Center

Game and Leisure Room

Adults and kids alike come to relax at the beautiful stone fireplace, enjoy the snack bar and kitchen, flat-screen TVs, arcade games Xbox and Wii, wireless internet, pool table, and foosball.