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Buck Hill Falls is a breathtaking destination that offers unforgettable memories. It is a place that lingers in your thoughts, beckoning you to return long after your visit has ended. Whether you are looking to create the perfect ambiance at a 300-guest, on-site event or you want to host a simple, small group experience, Buck Hill Events offers event venue customization with full-service catering. We focus on the finest details to make your day special including an entire wait and bar staff and all the dining supplies. To create an impressive dining experience, our planning experts work with you to enhance the details to make your party reflect your personal taste or individual theme.

Buck Hill Events Offers:

  • Over 7 unique venues.
  • Full-service on/off site catering.
  • Exceptional culinary experience through individualized themes.
  • Support staff to assist with personalized event plans.
  • Amenities, catering, and rental packages.
  • A short, 2 hour drive from New York and Philadelphia.

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Our culinary staff are available for public events and private parties. They are able to provide a light meal or a full a-la-carte menu complemented by a selection of beverages that meet everyone’s wishes. For special occasions, the staff customizes each event to ensure the hosts and their guests truly experience a delightful and unforgettable event.

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